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December 19, 2018
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NDC race: Goosie to visit NDC members in ‘door-to-door’ campaign

Source: Myjoyonline

As the National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries heats up, indications are that one of the candidates, Goosie Tanoh, determined to cause an upset, has launched a turbo campaign strategy after filing his nominations. 

According to Mr. Joe Onyame, Director of Operations for the Campaign, they have activated a door-to-door campaign strategy across the country being led by different members of the team.

In a stealthy approach, the team is meeting with branch executives and recruiting them to join GOOSIE2020.


Mr. Onyame explained that this strategy was adopted to counter the trend of intimidation that has reared its head in the primaries process. 

He indicated that many branch and constituency executives have been allegedly cowered into silence with threats from some party executives, especially at the regional level. 

This strategy allows team Goosie to meet people and have open conversations with them without any fear of reprisals from those threatening voters.

Goosie Tanoh met with members of the minority caucus in parliament on Tuesday and subsequently submitted his nomination forms to the party.

Speaking to the press after meeting the minority caucus, Mr. Tanoh also referenced threats to his supporters and called for fairness and a level playing field in the contest.

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