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3 kids sleeping in a kiosk at Tema got burnt by fire🔥

By: Seidu Ali - info.zioniteonline.cominfo.zioniteonline.com - Zionite_Online_Newsroom   

Another troubling incident which occurred at Tema Community 2 created shocks in the spines of those who witnessed the incident of fire burn in a kiosk: the burning of 3 kids in a kiosk located at Tema Community 2.

The ages of these kids were 3 years, 7 years and 9 years young.

An eyewitness from zionite online newsroom said, the event took place at 3 o’clock pm, April 11,2019, which brought together neighbors of the victims in an attempt to quench the fire but several attempts proved futile. The Fire Service was then called to the scene for rescue. Their arival was not on time for rescue hence, these kids died unfortunately.

According to the reporter from zionite online newsroom, several questions were raised by eyewitnesses to the event in regards to the whereabouts of the parents of the burnt kids, and what actually started the fire.

Information gathered were that, the kids just returned from school and were asked to sleep for a while in the room where their grandmother who has stroke was.

These 3 kids however, moved to sleep in the kiosk which got burnt. According to sources, their grandmother was unaware of their movement to sleep in the kiosk.

The grandmother whom has been confirmed has stroke fainted as she realized what happened.

Watch below for full video while you stay on the page for more updates…

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