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February 5, 2019

Door knock saves serial killer’s victim

Source: BBC Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur was in the middle of another possible murder when he was arrested by police last January, a court has […]
February 5, 2019

Italian town will pay you $10,000 to move in

Source: CNN Tempted by the recent offer of an Italian home for just over a $1? Well, you might want to hold out for a better deal. […]
February 5, 2019

The finger-cutting tradition of Indonesia’s Dani tribe

Source: maniatics.blogspot The death of a loved one is always an extremely painful thing to bear, and people of different cultures grieve in diverse ways, some more […]
February 4, 2019

JHS 2 pupil remanded for Kidnapping

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Akyena Brantuo | benjamin.brantuo@myjoyonline.com The Police in the Eastern Region have detained a 19-year-old JHS pupil for allegedly kidnapping a 20-year-old colleague […]

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